Design Portfolio

There are many locations the IRC focuses on.  Digital printing is beneficial for swapping out content according to donor preference.

Digital Packages

Heavily personalized and localized direct mail package. Localized images and content changes with each donor name, depending on their donor history for their preferred location. Digital printing provides a great benefit to organizations looking to maximize returns by appealing directly to a donor’s personal interests, geographical location and history. Giving a donor what interests them

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Informative Materials

Informative reading materials such as brochures, newsletters and catalogs keep you in touch with your clients or donor base in a way that regular advertisements can’t.  Brochures work like an advertisement because of the simple design on the front and highlights what you have to offer to a targeted audience.  A newsletter, on the other

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Logos must grab your attention and make an impact. It becomes your one chance to imprint your business or fundraising project into the minds of passers by. It must be creative and simple yet interesting. A logo is much more than something to adorn your letterhead. It is a quick visual tag that becomes representative

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Promotional piece.

Promotional Direct Mail

  Here are some direct mail promotional pieces I created.  As explained in the fundraising project, I have extensive experience with direct mail design, printing and production.  I am well-versed in USPS regulations for direct mail.  Let me add some flavor to your direct mail idea.  Contact me for a quote and I will return

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Survey package, direct mail fundraising.

Fundraising Projects

I have been heavily into fundraising for over 10 years.  I am an Art Director for a local fundraising company, creating packages from ideas and sometimes scribbles from sales and strategy.  From there I license art, combine it with color & design elements and put it all together into packages that work seamlessly from concept

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2 X 4" Tags, printed and cut from 100lb stock.

Tags for Favors

This custom project was for a bridal shower.  The bridesmaids requested two tags for a quart-sized mason jar.  I put the date and their names on the outside & directions on the second tag.  I provided a sheet jpg to them with the tags nested so all they had to do was download the image,

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